Glasgalerie Loes Reek, Alkmaar
Glasgalerie Loes Reek, Almaar
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English Information
English information on Loes Reek, specialised in fused glass

Loes Reek holds a degree of the Amsterdam Art Academy (Rietveld Academie) and has been working and studying with recognized glass artists. Her work is characterised by vibrant colours and dynamic lines, she is always inspired by the interplay of light and colour.

Loes Reek passed in her artistic career through various phases, from moulding and sculpture she moved on to painting. And, since she became more and more fascinated by colours, eventually she discovered the unlimited possibilities of glass fusing.

She began working with glass in the 90-s, gradually developing her expertise in glass fusing and slumping. Her main focus has been fusing, sometimes combined with the other techniques she has studied, such as stained glass, sand-casting and roll-up. These techniques are also used separately.

Her artworks vary in scale from small objects to large scale sculptures. Her glasswork is exhibited in various galleries and art fairs, she also works to commission.

Besides on www.loesreek , one of the places to see Loes Reek’s work is her own glass gallery, which was established in 2005. It is situated in Alkmaar, the Netherlands:

Glasgalerie Loes Reek
Schoutenstraat 10
1811 HD Alkmaar
Tel: 072 - 511 45 26
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The gallery offers a light area for the display of contemporary glass. Every three months she offers an exhibition of two interesting glass artists, combined with work of her own. Her objective is to broaden public awareness of glass as a medium for artistic expression in solo exhibitions of renowned glass artists.

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